Vocational School for Women

Vocational School for Women

Vocational School for Women

The School built by faith

By faith we trust the promises of God to supply all our needs, giving hope to the people of Liberia and, we pray for their salvation.

Our building is paid for, but each year we need operational funds for teaching vocations to these women who have been invited out of the slums of Monrovia by Vision Impact to study a vocation that will give them dignity and economic independence.

These women have suffered rape, domestic violence, abandonment by their husbands and the humiliation of prostitution to survive. The building of the school began in December 2020 and opened March 1, 2021 with 125 women in five different subjects including Tailoring, Pastry Making, Event Planning and Decorating, Hair Dressing and Cosmetology.

Photos show their delight in their creations while the aroma issuing from the cake baking ovens drifts over the nearby community spawning requests to purchase cakes, furthering the delights of the ladies.
Vocational School for Women Vision Impact Liberia Tailoring

Nothing so fulfilling

The school has been teeming with activity and chatter as women are fully engaged in learning and experiencing such a new, and happy lifestyle that is inspiring thoughts of earning money from their own business one day.
There is nothing so fulfilling as having a purpose in life.

Your gift will make an impact

What a difference our supporters’ gifts to the work of the Lord through Vision Impact Liberia, is making!
Perhaps some women have long forgotten about the husband who has deserted them and the children or the physical and emotional beatings they endured or the humiliation of prostitution to have food money.
Maybe for the first time they have really achieved something, along with dignity, respect and the opportunity to earn a wage and all that that will mean for them.
What a privilege to partner with donors to receive the building of the school and watch the lives of these women bloom. We are all so grateful.
Vocational School for Women Vision Impact Liberia Sewing Class
Our Ministries Follow Up

Please pray for our school

We ask that you pray for these women. We have included the wives of nine of Vision Impact church pastors in the student body as their husbands do not receive a salary from their church members or Vision Impact Liberia and the role of these pastor’s wives is also to share the gospel of Christ with their classmates.

Christ be magnified!

God’s love and His plan of salvation.
Each Fall a new class of 125 ladies is admitted. We have included 20 Muslim women to join the classes as an Outreach to that Community surrounding the school. Our influence for Jesus began in this community with the donation of a well for safe water that turned their resentment of Vision Impact into a friendship.
We give God the praise for the school, the donors who launched the first class, all those people who prayed for this project and Pastor Eric’s team in volunteer teaching and administration. So many have put forth their efforts. Truly God has made all things work together for these women to hear of God’s love for them and His plan of salvation. From the depths of our hearts let Your Name be magnified!

"Charm is deceitful and beauty is in vain, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works praise her in the gates."

Proverbs 31:30-31