Donated Motorcycles

VIL Pastors Thank MVI for their Donation!

Another Exciting Ministry Tool Revealed!

And they’re off!

The first set of five motorcycles has been received and distributed.
With our ten dedicated Pastors serving selflessly without a salary, we are truly grateful to God for the divine connection between Vision Impact Liberia and Missionary Ventures International (MVI) who approved our application.
These TVS motorcycles will not only provide our pastors with a means of transportation but also symbolize a new chapter of efficiency and outreach in their ministry. With these motorcycles, our pastors can now easily navigate through the challenging terrains to reach distant villages near their churches, spreading the message of hope and faith more effectively. Additionally, the motorcycles will enable our pastors to attend crucial training sessions and meetings in Monrovia, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to lead their congregations.
We are beyond excited to witness the impact these motorcycles will have on our pastors’ ministry work and cannot wait to hear and share their inspiring stories with our generous donors.

Together, we are making a difference and spreading the salvation message of Jesus Christ.